Jennifer Crusie is truly a talent to be treasured! TELL ME LIES is filled with the wit and humor that are Ms. Crusie's trademarks. As with chocolate, all it takes is one taste of Ms. Crusie's singular storytelling gifts, and readers will be hooked for life.

Maddie has always been the good girl of Frog Point, Ohio. But, finding a pair of black lace panties that don't belong to you under the seat of your husband's car sure can ruin your day. Maddie Farraday realizes that her husband Brent is cheating on her...again. Now Maddie's reached the end of her rope and not even for her daughter Em's sake will she put up with Brent's infidelity.

To make matters worse, C.L. Stugis, Maddie's first lover, suddenly shows up on her doorstep looking for Brent.C.L. has, as a final favor to his ex-wife, agreed to look into the financial records of Brent Farraday's construction company and it seems that something shady may be going on.

Long-buried sparks surface as soon as C.L. lays his eyes on Maddie, and for once Maddie is furious enough to throw caution to the wind. Unfortunately, Maddie's decision to break free unfortunately coincides with the murder of her husband, leaving her as the prime suspect.

Now that C.L. has found her again, he is not about to let Maddie be convicted of murder. But, with all the damning evidence that keeps popping up, it could be difficult.

(Mar., 384 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M Smith