The will to survive keeps Lydia McIntyre alive when her ship is captured by pirates. Shell even act the whore, making the captain desire her while Dandridge Prentis takes command of the Serpent after killing his rival. He decides to keep the girl whose eyes beckon him, to take her to his cabin and make love to her all night. She is his portion of the plunder and she fulfills his every fantasy as she becomes a sensual siren.

Usually demure Lydia wills herself to lure Dan to bed. She is stunned by her deep physical and emotional ties to him. Fearing her own weakness, Lydia flees as soon as they near land.

After many months, she returns home to Williamsburg and resumes her quiet life as the eldest daughter of an apothecary. Dan vows to find her no matter the cost. But first he must return to Williamsburg and report to the Governor what he has learned on his secret mission.

His reputation makes him a prime target for marriage-minded women all but one. Lydia avoids Dan, fearful that if her family learns he is the pirate who took her virtue there will be trouble.

How they learn to trust, to understand the true meaning of love and passion makes for a wonderful and spellbinding debut novel. Ms. Dain has created memorable characters and a lusty tale that sweeps from the high seas to the mansions of Williamsburg, and even adds a hint of mystery. Following in the footsteps of Robin Schone and Thea Devine, this is an author with an erotic touch and a bright future. VERY SENSUAL (Mar., 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin