Making her foray from historical romance into erotica, Mullany treats her readers to a deliciously naughty novel with an intense, steamy narrative. Jo’s humble yet enthusiastic attitude make the bedroom scenes fun and provocative, with more than enough sexual tension to make your heart race. The novel is a hot, spicy adventure you shouldn’t miss!

Radio DJ Jo Hutchinson lives for titillating sexual escapades — the hotter the better — especially so she can share them in explicit detail with her mysterious telephone admirer, “Mr. D.” In numerous phone-sex sessions, Mr. D. inspires Jo to live out her wildest sexual fantasies, and she gets involved in a members-only erotic club. Enter Patrick, her new Irish tenant, who is not only hunky and alluring, but genuinely loving and kind. Soon Jo begins to question if her true happiness lies in the dark, erotic fantasy world she shares with Mr. D. or safe at home, within Patrick’s strong arms. (SPICE, Aug., 343 pp., $14.95)

Reviewed by: 
Sarah Eisenbraun