As Ms. Cameron deftly illustrates, the love for a child is one of the strongest forces on the planet. When it comes to delivering quality stories, consistent excellence are Stella Cameron's watch words.

Eighteen months ago, jazz pianist Carolee Burns was blind-sided by a sudden demand for divorce from her husband, Kip Burns. The courts also grant Kip custody of the couple's daughter, Faith.

Shattered, Carolee retreats to her Lake Washington property, eagerly anticipating the four weeks that Faith will spend with her there.

Max Wolfe, a former football pro turned software company owner, is intrigued by Carolee. As he watches her perform in the tiny local Bistro, Max wonders what has happened to cause this world-renowned artist such emotional pain.

Max makes overtures of friendship, secretly desiring to be the one who helps Carolee overcome her emotional pain. But, Carolee is not sure that she's ready for another relationship. And the musician will not let anything stand in the way of reconnecting with her daughter.

(Aug., 368 pp., $6.99, Hardcover published September 2001.)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith