Image of The Telling (Seasons of Grace, Book 3) (Volume 3)


Image of The Telling (Seasons of Grace, Book 3) (Volume 3)

Lewis provides a satisfying conclusion to the Seasons of Grace series. Touching scenes make it easy for the reader to connect with the characters. Though Lettie's secret can be figured out from earlier books, this is still a pleasant read.

Accompanied by her new English friend, Heather Nelson, Grace Byler has left Lancaster County to search for her mother, Lettie, in Ohio. Meanwhile, Lettie continues her private quest to find the baby she gave up 24 years ago, though she is increasingly torn between the family she left behind and her yearning for her long-lost child.

After returning to Pennsylvania without Lettie, Heather begins a naturopathic treatment program in hopes of curing her cancer, but she's still determined to find her birth mother before it's too late. When Lettie's secret is finally revealed, all of their questions will be answered. (BETHANY HOUSE, Apr., 352 pp., $14.99)

Reviewed by: 
Leslie L. McKee