Image of Telling Tales


Image of Telling Tales

Raw and graphic from the outset, Stein’s tales within her tale form the backbone of the story. Through them, all is revealed about the principal characters’ innermost feelings. Explicit m/m and f/f scenes among the foursome and a ménage à quatre bring the emotions of each out in the open.

When their college professor bequeaths his mansion to the Candy Club, its members are at a loss as to why. The proviso stating Allie, Wade, Cameron and Kitty must live there for a month stuns them all. They have unresolved issues, sexual and otherwise, and the close proximity provides the perfect opportunity to find a solution. Allie has lusted after Wade for years without reciprocation. Although he says he wants to have sex with Allie, he settles on Kitty because she’s available and then seems to regret his actions. Both Cameron and Allie have written erotic stories and spy on each other reading each other’s writing. It dawns on Allie that her feelings all these years may have been misplaced. Kitty is an instigator who throws everyone into situations they don’t expect. (SOURCEBOOKS, Mar., 240 pp., $12.99)
Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown