Image of The Tempering of Men (Iskryne)


Image of The Tempering of Men (Iskryne)

Every bit as absorbing as the first volume, The Tempering of Men is compelling and intensely readable. Told from multiple perspectives, the characters are well-drawn and distinct, especially Brokkolfr and Amma, his amusingly maternal wolf-sister. Monette and Bear each excel at creating unique worlds when writing solo fiction, so it’s no surprise that this joint effort combines their strengths into something extraordinary.

Picking up at the end of the war with the trolls, this volume finds the wolfcarls of Franangford trying to figure out what their purpose is in a world without trolls. While they still rely on the men and their wolves to defend them, the holdings’ reliance on them is uneasy at best. That is, until a new threat appears: an army of men has come to Iskryne to conquer and rule its people. It falls to the wolfcarls to unite their people and learn, along with their wolves, how to fight men if they wish to defend and preserve their homes. (TOR, Aug., 352 pp., $25.99)

Reviewed by: 
Natalie A. Luhrs