A new star is rising in the urban fantasy world. With her Jane True character, Peeler launches a first-person series that's an exciting journey of self-discovery and murder mystery. The supporting characters are intriguing in their own right. A notable debut!

Jane has never quite fit into the small town of Rockabill, Maine. Blamed for the accidental death of her boyfriend, she has as many enemies as friends. One of her oddities is her need to swim in the icy ocean waters.

A clandestine swim leads to Jane stumbling across a murdered body. This discovery changes everything, since it leads to Jane's initiation into the hidden world of the supernatural. She is a halfling, whose mother was a selkie. The dead man, Peter, was cataloging halflings, so why was he killed? Sexy investigator and vampire Ryu arrives to find out, and as the passion heats up between Ryu and Jane, so does the danger. (ORBIT, Nov., 368 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith