Yardley serves up a fast-moving story with intriguing characters and some serious bad guys, but also enough humor to keep it from being too dark. The heroine’s handling of the disasters life throws at her makes for an entertaining story and will leave readers with the burning desire to see what will happen next with Tom and Kate.

Kate O’Hara only took the temp assignment at Fiendish Enterprises headquarters to pay the bills. It’s corporate drudgery and boring as all get-out. She thinks of it as the job from hell. When Kate meets Fiendish owner Thomas Kestrel, she discovers it’s literally the job from hell. Kate has inadvertently signed over her soul and she’s suddenly in deeper than she ever expected. Seeking revenge for the death of the woman he loved, Thomas needs to kill 12 evil men before he can get to the one he really wants dead. First he has to find out who they are — and he needs Kate’s help to get the job done. (ENTANGLED, Dec., 352 pp., $14.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley