Image of The Templar's Treasure


Image of The Templar's Treasure

Castle writes an appealing romance
with full, vibrant characters and
lush descriptions. But the story is
somewhat overshadowed by a slow
pace and repetitive details. Overall, thought, this is a good book with a believable storyline and sympathetic characters.

Heather of Ard Na Said lives a life of quiet drudgery until she stumbles over a portion of a secret treasure and is faced with a dangerous stranger who wants to recover the missing object. During their encounter, Heather makes a weeping stone cry. It's believed that whoever can do this will be important to Scotland.

Gair of Sutherland has pledged to keep the Templar Knights' treasure safe. But his oath is tested once he witnesses Heather with the weeping stone. As their enemies come closer, Gair must decide whether he will uphold his word to his brother knights or protect the woman who is slowly claiming his heart. (The Wild Rose Press, Sep., 200 pp., $12.99)
Reviewed by: 
Keitha Hart