Temple Parrish has been looking forward to competing with his old mentor in a "contest" to see who can unearth a new archeological find first. Ever since he had to leave C.H. Cadwallender and Dandridge University under a cloud of suspicion, Temple has needed to clear his name and regain C.H.'s respect. This is his opportunity.

But it isn't C.H. who arrives in the Montana desert, but his daughter, Connie. The shy little girl in pigtails has become a strongwilled, lovely woman.

Connie remembers the homeless boy her father took in. Temple was her only friend and the center of her romantic girlish dreams. The chance to work with him is a fantasy come true, and Connie nurtures the small hope that Temple will see her as an adult and not a child.

Though the prize money is first in his thoughts, Temple cannot get Connie out of his mind. The longer they work on their separate digs the more the tensions build. Temple is forced to face the fact that Connie is a competent "digger" and a sensual woman. Alone in the wilds, their passion increases until they explode with desire the night of a storm. But will their newfound love be jeopardized when it is time for them to return and claim the prize or will love somehow triumph over science?

TEMPLE'S PRIZE is delightful, funny (wait until you meet the talkative Livingston), tender, poignant and intriguing. The dinosaur hunt and the romance combine to bring readers a charmer of a tale and give Linda Castle a winner. SENSUAL (Dec., 300 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin