Image of Temporary Boss, Permanent Mistress


Image of Temporary Boss, Permanent Mistress
TEMPORARY BOSS, PERMANENT MISTRESS (4.5) by Kate Hardy: Corporate lawyer Lydia Sheridan longs to be a working artist. She's ready to resign her post, but CEO Jakob Anderson needs her assistance on a weeklong job in Norway. Then, if she still wants to leave, he'll wish her the best. Although the two have their own personal baggage, they find they're wildly attracted to each other and indulge in a whirlwind affair. But after Norway will they be able to go their separate ways? This tale begins as a fun and flirty romance that deepens emotionally as Lydia and Jakob open up to each other. Interwoven descriptions of the sights and sounds of Norway add a wonderful ambiance to the story.
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers