After inheriting a fortune, Isabelle Leslie learns her greedy uncle plans to marry her to his son. Isabelle flees to a brothel, where she arranges to ruin her reputation, yet still claim her freedom and her fortune.

Isabelle meets the Earl of Bathhurst, Dermont Ramsey, and sparks fly. Their mutual fascination ends in lovemaking and a temporary arrangement as mistress and master. But Dermonts still-painful grief over his wifes death results in him casting Isabelle out of his life. Isabelle faces the prospect of being a free woman, but without happiness or love in her life.

Susan Johnson, a queen of erotic historical romance, entertains readers by delivering another sizzling story of lust turning to love. The fast pace and delightful cast of supporting characters brings the era to life merging history and a high degree of sensuality. SPICY (Nov., 350 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin