The incomparable Mary Balogh weaves her unique magic once again in wondrous ways.

Lord Anthony Earheart is in desperate need of a wife. Not, however, a permanent one. Determined not to yield to his autocratic father's plan to wed him to the daughter of an old friend, the handsome marquess decides to find a wife who measures up to his standards, not his father's.

She should be meek, humble and willing to fade into the woodwork to leave him free to pursue his high-flying lifestyle. What better way to find someone like that than to advertise for a governess?

By her first appearance, Miss Charity Duncan seems the perfect candidate. And so he marries her and carries her off to his ancestral home for a visit of reconciliation to his parents. To his surprise, however, he discovers that beneath the mild-mannered facade beats a loving heart and a will of steel. Has the marquess met his true match after all?

Ms. Balogh is a veritable treasure, a matchless storyteller who makes our hearts melt with delight as her intrepid heroine changes the lives of everyone she meets. (May, 224 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer