With the family fortune lost, there is little for Angelina to do but make ends meet by gambling. She's an expert cheat who dreams of revenge against the men who ruined her father.

By chance she meets Robert Roy, the Duke of Ivery's son, and before she knows it, Angelina has been charmed by the devilishly handsome man and confides her plans to him when he promises to help her exact her revenge.

Since his wife's death, Robert has avoided the marriage mart, though he does not deny his attraction to Angelina and his desire to make her his mistress. However, with her father's death she inherits the title of Countess and that ensures she can never be Robert's mistress, only his wife.

Though a countess by title, Angelina is still a hellion who quickly gets herself fully enmeshed in Robert's life.

This charming and sexy tale begins with a traditional premise, revenge, but veers away from the original idea to delve into different subplots with quite a few ruthless characters. By losing the original focus, Ms. Grasso lost some of my attention, and though I sympathized with her need to address child abuse and Robert's past demons, I was not satisfied with the resolution of the premise. SENSUAL (Jun., 359 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin