Image of To Tempt a Knight (Brotherhood of the Scottish Templars)


Image of To Tempt a Knight (Brotherhood of the Scottish Templars)

Russell begins a new series with a wonderfully thought-provoking, emotionally insightful glimpse into what it meant to be a Templar knight after the order was outlawed by the French church. This highly charged romance portrays the emotional agony of a stalwart hero and the woman who comes to love him. Medieval enthusiasts will thrill to this adventurous love story and its explosive conclusion,

Sir William Keith, one of the few surviving Templars to escape from France, returns to Scotland and is commanded to retrieve a holy relic and protect Lady Siobhan, daughter of a Templar charged with guarding the treasure. While trying to retrieve the relic, he's also compelled to protect and aid Lady Siobhan in finding her father.

As they locate the treasure, William and Siobhan's emotional feelings quickly escalate, even though William has made a vow of celibacy. William begins to understand the nonliteral interpretation of his vows and clarify his conflicted emotions. (LEISURE, Sep., 320 pp., $6.99)
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Kathe Robin