Cradoc of Wales is desperate to find the funds to save his estate. That's the only reason he evens considers Fiona MacDougal's proposal of marriage. The red-haired Scot rides into his castle courtyard promising her dowry in exchange for wedding vows.

Though it appears to be a business arrangement, this will be no sham marriage. The kiss that seals their bargain is heated and promises a great passion.

And though their desire grows into love, each is beset by feelings of inadequacy, believing they are not worthy of such a love until they face their pasts, their fears and some hard truths. Together, they'll discover just how strong love can be.

Ms. Moore's characters hold on to their emotional baggage, and this is what drives the plot. There are many sizzling love scenes and a few dangerous moments, but the majority of the romance is comprised of delving into the minds of Cradoc and Fiona, allowing readers a deep look inside their souls. For some readers, this angst may slow the pace. SENSUAL (Apr., 374 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin