In this outstanding sensual delight,
the beauty and sensuality of the
wine country is vividly portrayed
as all three characters find unexpected pleasure with unexpected men. The characters are appealing and well developed, and the sex scenes sizzle
as each woman finds her true love.
The conflicts standing in the way
of true love are clearly developed,
and the romance is as strong as
the sex.

In "Tempt Me," Carrie has just dumped her perfect, wealthy boyfriend despite the enormous diamond he presents her with. When she meets a hot winemaker, she discovers what she really wants in her life. In "Taste Me," lush Rose is dumped -- again -- for a younger, thinner woman. When a sexy chef treats her like a queen, can she believe it is forever? Finally, independent Vanessa always gets what she wants. In "Touch Me," she ends up playing games with a delightful painter willing to play hard to get to get the woman he wants. (Pocket, Jan., 289 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor