Four years ago, Kate Talisford tried to seduce Lord Gabriel Kenyon into dissuading her father out of a trip to the Middle East. He refused and now Kates father has been murdered by thieves who also stole the statue of a golden goddess. She blames him for everything and refuses to accept that Gabriel has been appointed guardian of her and her sister, Meg.

Kate is also determined to find the statue and avenge her fathers death. To achieve these ends she must ally with Gabriel. He goes along with this lovely and spirited woman to keep her from harm.

Their quest leads them to Sir Charles Damson, member of the League of Lucifer, who knows more than he is willing to admit. When he produces a letter signed by Kates father appointing him the Talisford sisters guardian, Gabriel suspects Damson is involved in the theft and fears that Kate and her sister have walked into the devils den.

Readers will rejoice at the return of the Rosebuds and characters from Ms. Smiths previous novels in this Regency with a Gothic twist; think Georgette Heyer meets Victoria Holt. Capturing both the era and the essence of suspense, Ms. Smith draws readers into her web and spins a tale that holds their attention and wins their praise. SENSUAL (Sep., 338 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin