Image of To Tempt A Scotsman (Zebra Debut)


Image of To Tempt A Scotsman (Zebra Debut)

Dahl debuts with a sizzling love story peopled with characters you come to adore. Though there is nothing truly original about the plot, she creates a natural conflict between her three-dimensional lovers and keeps the pages flying with
a strong pace and powerful sensuality.

Intent upon finding his half-brother's killer, Collin Blackburn hunts down Lady Alexandra Huntington, the temptress who lured his brother into a fatal duel.

When he finds Alex hidden in the country, he sees that she's not the wild wanton he imagined. Alex is a petite dynamo whose natural sensuality is hard to resist. He begins to question her role in the duel, and when she sets her sights on the braw Scotsman, he doesn't have a chance. Alex believes that convincing Collin to meet her in bed every day for a week will satisfy her longings. Instead they both crave more, but surrendering to temptation and love only sets them up for danger from a vicious enemy. (Zebra, Aug., 300 pp., $3.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin