Blackie O'Neal first spies newspaper reporter Lacey Van Schulyer Durango when she rides into the territory on the train's cowcatcher, determined to claim free land. The problem is that she and Blackie stake their claim to the land at the same time. The prim and proper miss will have to "share" her property with the hard-drinking, hard-gambling saloon owner.

Lacey is determined to start her newspaper; Blackie wants to run Lacey out of town before it's time to open his saloon and bordello. But he has no idea what he's up against as Lacey gathers the new town's women together to strike against the men.

Just the premise of Gentry's 26th western is enough to make you smile, but the sharp, sexy repartee between the teetotaler Lacey and booze-peddling Blackie will make you burst into laughter. Filled with wit and ribald humor, double-crosses and heated passion, this is the most delightful western of the season. SENSUAL (Feb., 352 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin