Image of Temptation's Edge


Image of Temptation's Edge

This is an exquisite example of BDSM fiction, packed with emotion and more sex scenes than you can shake a you-know-what at. Watching Mischa and Connor’s relationship blossom is a delight, but what really makes this story superior is how the two, especially Mischa, grow as individuals through their mutual exploration of BDSM. The sex is frequent (and very steamy), but the story’s plot and characters will leave you wanting more.

The last thing tattoo artist Mischa wants is a commitment, but when she visits Seattle to help her friend Dylan plan her wedding, she’s not going to turn down a night (or 10) in bed with Dylan’s irresistible friend, Connor. Each afraid of anything more than a tryst, Connor and Mischa agree to two weeks of fun. As Connor awakens Mischa’s submissive side, the two must decide how to continue a relationship that’s much more than just power play. (HEAT, Aug., 336 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Elisa Verna