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by Janice Sims

Genre: Series, Kimani Romance, Current Series Imprints

2010 Kimani Romance Nominee

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TEMPTATION’S SONG (4.5) by Janice Sims: From his box in the darkened theater, temperamental maestro Dominic Corelli auditions singers — sight unseen — for his new opera. Juilliard student Elle Jones mesmerizes Dominic with her voice. After meeting her, Dominic is smitten, but knows for her reputation’s sake he can’t pursue her until after the opera debuts. Elle is also attracted to Dominic, but won’t give in to his tantrums. The fireworks between this couple leap off the page, mesmerizing readers who won’t be able to put this one down. Compelling characters with unusual occupations, a terrific setting and great secondary characters showcase Sims’ talent for penning great stories.

Reviewed By: Debbie R. Sims

Publisher: KIMANI

Published: July 2010

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Temptation's Song by Janice Sims

Submitted by hcabm on June 3, 2010 - 6:22am.

I truly enjoyed the story, Temptation’s Song . I loved the dilemma of Dominic and Elle dealing with a boss and employee relationship. He is the writer and producer of the Opera, Temptation. She is now hired for the lead in the show. Oh yeah this scenario is delicious, especially since the chemistry was off the charts.

I also loved the brief glimpses of the scenery of Italy and the secondary characters added depth and humor.

Dominic was something else, just when I started to believe, he wanted the same kind of relationship that Elle wanted, he would go off on a tangent. I am glad the author gave him a figurative slap upside the head with a brick.

I can hardly wait for the next books in this series.