Kyla Blake praised God everyday for providing her with 16 wonderful years of marriage to successful Doctor Jefferson Blake. Kyla has never know a man as passionate or hard working as her husband. He takes care of her and their beautiful daughters every need.

Jasmine has always been envious of Kyla and the life she led. Having been friends since grade school Jasmine watched from the sidelines as her best friend married and gave birth. Recently divorced Jasmine has to finally decided to go after what she wants and this time not even church going, Miss Goody-two-shoes Kyla Blake is going to stand in her way.

Single beauty, Alexis Ward, having only known Kyla and Jasmine for a brief period of time considers herself to be a good judge of character and as such can see right past Jasmines supposedly innocent exterior. She may not have known Jasmine all her life but Alexis is familar with her kind and determined to make Kyla see her point of view.

TEMPTATION is a joyfully spiritual novel that will offer reader the true value of love, friendship and forgiveness when entering the lives three vastly different women whom soon discover a common bond in their love for god.

Victoria Christopher Murray brings home the importance of faith and forgiveness in this emotinally charged inspirational romance. (Nov., 368 pp., $13.95)

Reviewed by: 
T.L. Burton