With the war over and peace in sight, the Lytton family must move into the future. Their publishing empire is in the hands of Cecilia's adopted daughter, Barty Miller, now living in New York City. There is no man in Barty's life, since the publishing house is her passion, and she controls not only the business but also the family. It's her choice to care for those who raised her and made her a member of their family or to cast them out once she discovers the skeletons in the Lyttons' closet.

Wounded RAF pilot Kit Lytton is coming to grips with both his blindness and the fact that he is not a Lytton but the son of famous author Sebastian Brooke. He must also deal with his love for Barty. Meanwhile, Jenna Lytton fights for her rights to the family fortune.

As in all great family sagas, this book contains betrayal, deceit, secret heartaches, love, death and triumph. Vincenzi crafts addictive family stories that keep readers so involved with her characters they leap off the pages and become friends. Brava to Vincenzi for a marvelous end to a fabulous trilogy. SENSUAL (Sep., 500 pp., $26.95)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin