Image of Temptation


Image of Temptation
TEMPTATION (4) by Brenda Jackson: The Cattleman’s Club members come under fire once again as a blackmailer takes aim at the group. So when a baby shows up on the club’s doorstep, she needs a foster parent until attorney Zeke Travers can determine the identity of the parents. Nurse Sheila Hopkins bonds with the sweet little girl, and so she’s offered the job of caretaker. Sheila’s been lonely since her fiancé took off, and the abandoned child and hunky lawyer fill the empty space in her life. Zeke knows better than to get involved with a woman who has “marrying kind” written all over her, but Sheila is turning into the type of complication he can’t resist. Leave it to Jackson to take sizzle and honor, wrap it in romance, and come up with a first-rate tale.
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper