Image of Temptation And Lies (Kimani Romance)


Image of Temptation And Lies (Kimani Romance)
TEMPTATION AND LIES (4.5) by Donna Hill: A perfect balance of romance, mystery and adventure. The heroine's angst over finding and dealing with a great love makes this an incredible and highly entertaining story. Mia Turner, who runs an event-planning business, is also a member of TLC, a private law enforcement cartel that disguises itself as a cosmetics company. Steven Long loves her, but her behavior of late makes him think she may be seeing someone else. But it's her new assignment for TLC that's turned her inside out. She's forced to face a man she's loved for years who's believed to be running an escort service that Mia must get enough information to shut it down. When her feelings for him resurface, her relationship with Steven is jeopardized, as is her career with TLC.
Reviewed by: 
Debbie R. Sims