The incomparable Cynsters return for their 17th romantic adventure, which shows, in true Laurens style, how testing the limits of temptation can lead to a sensual, passionate romance. With emotional intensity that grips readers and breathless sexual tension that holds them spellbound, Laurens proves why she's a fan favorite.

Handsome, wealthy Jonas Tallent has it all, but he's tired of the high life and relieved to take control of his estates. Far from the city's pastimes, hunting for an inn manager in rural Devon is a trial.

Impoverished Miss Emily Beauregard shocks Jonas by applying for the position. Why would a gently bred lady wish to run an inn? But since no one else wants the job, she's hired and proves to be an asset. Emily's ulterior motive is to locate a long-lost treasure that will enable her to care for her orphaned siblings. Her only clue is a riddle, and her only hope is to get help from Jonas, who is a temptation she can ill afford. But there's another danger, someone who'll strike as Emily unearths the truth. (MORROW, Mar., 384 pp., $24.95)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin