Image of Temptation Bay (A Windfall Island Novel)


Image of Temptation Bay (A Windfall Island Novel)

Sullivan brings a sensational sense of place to her first Windfall Island novel, immersing readers in the Maine island and its fascinating population — most notably her heroine, whose fortitude and no-nonsense exterior cover a heart of gold. Sullivan builds the tension between her lead characters and crafts a relationship so compassionate and reciprocal it is simply irresistible. The historic mystery that drives the plot is also compelling, making for a refreshingly new series.

Charter pilot Maggie Solomon knows that Dexter Keegan, with his quick wit and wolfish grin, is trouble from the moment he boards her flight to Windfall Island. An ex-cop-turned-PI, Dexter is on a covert mission to identify the heir of a woman kidnapped nearly a century ago. Maggie could provide the key to cracking this case, which only gives Dex more incentive to stay close to her. But when Maggie becomes the target of a series of mysterious attacks, Dexter realizes that he has come to care for Maggie enough to fight for her and a future by her side. (FOREVER, Dec., 384 pp., $6.00)
Reviewed by: 
Bridget Keown