Fans will enjoy catching up with Ella and Micha as well as the new romance, which is fraught with suspense, romantic tension and melodrama. Although definitely a bit over-the-top, this sequel is nonetheless enjoyable. Contains explicit sex, drug use and other mature themes.

Lila’s been in a downward spiral since she was 14. To numb her feelings of shame, guilt and worthlessness, Lila pops pills and lets men use her body. Her only real friend, Ella, moved away with boyfriend Micha, leaving behind Micha’s best friend, Ethan. Ethan’s become Lila’s walk-of-shame cab service and friend. Despite the chemistry between them, Ethan avoids relationships. Yet, he can’t lie to himself. He might pretend to be a bad boy, but Lila sees the better part of him and when she needs him, he’s there. Can they make it to a better life, together? (FOREVER-ROMANCE.COM , Oct., $2.99, ISBN: 9781455574902, E, 18 & Up)

Reviewed by: 
Raven Haller