This book will be good reading for those who only want to read about sex. There’s very little substance to the story and although eventually good does overcome evil, the journey lacks drama.

The Fontaine brothers are vampires who own a resort in New Orleans called La Petite Mort. Soren Fontaine lost the love of his life, Helena, who was killed by an evil demon vampire. He seeks help from witch doctor Leila Doucet. She promises to bring Helena back but the price includes sleeping with her and introducing her to people that could make her a pillar of society. Leila and Soren visit a club in New Orleans called Lush, which is really a house that auctions off women. Harley Vaughn is up for auction and Soren buys her, believing that she is the reincarnated Helena. As they began to care for each other, Leila’s jealousy surfaces and she sets out to destroy them and the brothers. (HEAT, Nov., 278 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Laura Ellis