Image of Temptation of the Warrior (The Warriors)


Image of Temptation of the Warrior (The Warriors)

Powerful emotions drive this story of a Scots warrior and Victorian miss, and readers will form a bond with the characters and their mission. Maguire brilliantly creates a tale of love, honor, good and evil that stirs the heart and soul.

In order to protect the Druzai from a great evil, Merrick MacLochlainn must travel nearly 900 years forward in time to retrieve the sacred stones that will restore their power. Disoriented from his trip, Merrick cannot remember his mission or the young woman he rescues. Jenny Keating has escaped the cruel headmaster of the school where she was raised when she's rescued from attackers by Merrick.

When they meet a band of Gypsies she claims they are wed. Merrick goes along with the ruse, ensuring Jenny's safety and enabling him time to heal and regain his memory. He must not only find the stones but also a witch to help vanquish the evil. Merrick senses Jenny is the key. During their dangerous journey, Jenny realizes she has powers that can help Merrick. But once they find the stone and reach the time portal, will she be able to leave her world to help save his? (Avon, Apr., 368 pp., $5.99)
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Kathe Robin