Medeiros is magic! Her stories are highly romantic and sensual, yet tinged with enough humor to make readers laugh and enough poignancy to bring a tear. No matter the time or place, her marvelous romances resonate with joy.

After his bride runs off with his scapegrace brother, reserved Max Burke decides being a rogue is better than being the nice guy. A duel gets him into the trouble he’s been looking for and sends him fleeing London for a Cornwall estate. Anne Spencer has been able to care for her makeshift family as housekeeper of Cadgwyck Manor, because the few people who come to live at the manor quickly leave. Suddenly, the earl arrives and throws her plans into disarray. Max finds the prim housekeeper enchanting, and she is pulled toward the sadness and passion she senses in him. As Max becomes determined to solve the mystery of the manor’s ghost, Anne sees her scheme turn to dust. The problems that arise are nothing compared to the passion and the startling revelations they encounter. (POCKET, Feb., 380 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin