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Smuggler Tobias Brown has waited years for the exact moment to use his daughter, Mary Callahan, to exact revenge on the man who ruined his trade, Alexander Drumming, the Marquis of Warrick.

Warrick advertises for a nanny for his daughter and Mary's father makes her apply for the position. Although Mary tries not to get hired, her plan backfires, and soon she's ensconced in the nursery with Warrick's hellion of a daughter.

Alex knows he shouldn't be attracted to a servant, but Mary's bold gaze, sharp tongue and luscious mouth and eyes have him thinking of ways to get her into bed. Their passion is heated and all-consuming but will they shock society and marry?

Saucy Mary, with her delightful sensibilities and snappy repartee, will win your heart as easily as sexy, arrogant Alex. This nonstop read has it all—sizzling sexuality, unforgettable characters, poignancy, a delightful plot and a well-crafted backdrop. Britton is well on her way to joining the echelon of beloved erotic romance writers. Allow yourself to be tempted—you won't regret a moment's pleasure. VERY SENSUAL (Jan., 336 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin