As always, Hart delivers a memorable tale. There's lots of steamy, delicious between-the-sheets action -- but the story's really about the multilayered principal characters and what makes them tick.

Anne and James Kinney have what most people would consider a perfect existence. Their marriage is solid, and sex is still wonderful after six years together. It gets even better when James invites his oldest friend, Alex Kennedy, to stay with them for the summer. Wealthy, attractive and a self-confessed rascal, Alex is everything James isn't -- and Anne is drawn to him, against her will.

Soon, the three of them are indulging in sensual pleasures Anne has only previously imagined. It's supposed to be a temporary thing -- however, things go too far, and emotions unexpectedly become engaged. Is it possible to love two men fully? Anne isn't sure she wants to know. (SPICE, Jan., 432 pp., $13.95)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer