Image of Tempted by Fate (The Guardians of Destiny)


Image of Tempted by Fate (The Guardians of Destiny)

Settle in, as the Guardians of Destiny are back for round three in Perry’s exhilarating series. There is sadness and a dark loneliness to this heroine, which Perry shakes up by setting her on a collision course with a by-the-rules homicide investigator. Perry’s storytelling skills just keep getting better and better!

After her mother’s murder when she was 10 by the man Willow Tarata knows only as “The Bad Man,” Willow has made it her mission to find and destroy this mystery man. For two decades she has followed a bloody trail around the world, tracking him. Like her mother, Willow is the Guardian of Wood, keeping her connected to the flora around her. Hearing of an unusual murder, Willow comes to San Francisco following a lead, only to be set up as the prime suspect in several murders. Homicide inspector Rick Ramirez doesn’t know what to make of Willow, but he suspects she is key to solving these killings. If Ramirez listens to his head he should just arrest her, but if he listens to his heart things are about to get very strange. (FOREVER, Dec., 368 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith