Warren's wickedly wonderful and witty romances enchant readers and have made her a shining star. With her new series, she brings a delightfully scandalous family's adventures to light and brightens any day with smart characters, sassy dialogue and sensuality.

Though the Byrons have a reputation for scandal, Lord Cade Byron has reason to hide in his country estate where the emotional and physical scars of his role in his fiancee's death haunt him. Then Miss Meg Amberley seeks shelter at Cade's manor. Recently orphaned, she is traveling to her uncle's when a blizzard makes the journey impossible. Cade is rude and hostile, and at times Meg believes she'd be better off facing the rough road. But she finds Cade's pain mirrors her own loss, and one night, passion brings them together.

Cade is a man of honor and, believing Meg compromised, offers to give her a season in London to find a suitable husband. But as they become part of the social whirl it's obvious no one is more suitable for her than Cade. Can she free him from the past? (AVON, Mar., 380 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin