Image of Tempted Tigress


Image of Tempted Tigress

Lee's Tigresses have brought something new and intriguing to erotic romance. Without stinting on powerful plotlines, fascinating characters or lesser-known historical details, she creates new fantasies that stimulate the imagination. This is what places her in a class with the best.

As an orphan stranded in China, Anna Marie Thompson is caught up in opium and slave trafficking. She unwittingly becomes her adoptive father's finest drug runner and eventually a slave to opium. When the Emperor's enforcer burns her valuable shipment, she flees, journeying down China's Grand Canal and straight into capture.

Ever since drug traffickers took Zhi-Gang's sister, he has crusaded to rid China of them and find her. Now, he holds Anna captive and fights his deep desire for her warmth and vibrancy.

Longing to be free and break her addiction, Anna is drawn to Zhi-Gang's virility and caresses, and they plot to avenge the girls sold to brothels by killing the men responsible. Little do they realize how their purpose and blossoming love will lead them to the gates of heaven and immortality. (Leisure, Jun., 368 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin