Readers, prepare to be swept away to the Caribbean coast as a tender love story unfolds. March’s novel is contemporary, heartwarming and chock full of lively characters who make it magically delicious. The author has a wild imagination and uses her gift to create an unforgettable, quirky romance that your friends will be begging to borrow. The dialogue flows easily, and the superb writing talent portrayed throughout spins a few funny scenes, too. A phenomenally unexpected sweet treat!

Maple Creek resident Paige Ellerbee is having a tough time keeping Sweet Bee’s Bakery afloat. Paige is excited when she gets a new neighbor — a hot doctor — but, concerned about his patients’ health, he threatens to run Paige’s bakery into the ground. When they find themselves sharing the same spot of sand in the Caribbean during a wedding and get a good glimpse at each other’s sun-kissed physiques, they seem to find a way to solve their differences. A temporary romance ensues, but what will happen once they return home to Maple Creek? (ENTANGLEDPUBLISHING.COM, dl $2.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jaime A. Geraldi