At a country house party Princess Christina faces her most humiliating moment: her husband takes up with another woman, leaving her to face the pain of his betrayal. But this gives Christina the chance to take a friends advice to test the waters and begin an affair of her own with the sexy Max Falconer.

Renowned as a great lover, Max is the ideal partner for Christina, but at first he sees her as an innocent, pure and untouchable to a man as wise to the world of sexuality as he.

They spend a remarkable and very heated idyll together before Christina realizes that she might be jeopardizing her place in society and could lose custody of her sons.

The power of her love for Max and his love for her is tested and proves to be strong enough to withstand anything her cruel and ruthless husband might try.

This is just the type of story Susan Johnson has built her reputation on: strong characters, powerful emotions, blazing love scenes that scorch your hands as you turn the pages and a lust-turned-love relationship that makes us drool. This is not a book for the gentle reader, but one that sizzles and burns. Read and stay warm! SPICY (Mar., 296 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin