Following her husband's tragic death and the near destruction of her career, journalist Kelly Taylor returns home to Sedona to heal her wounds while caring for her ailing grandfather. The few illusions Kelly has left are shattered when she learns that her husband fathered a child who now resides in a Guatemalan orphanage.

Senator Haywood Stanfield and his wife adopted a baby boy over 25 years ago. He mysteriously disappeared a few years later. Recently, however, during a top-secret security clearance check, a fingerprint match is found between the missing child and Cobra Force anti-terrorist agent Logan McCord.

Kelly has an opportunity for an exclusive interview, if she can get to Logan. Once she sees him up close, Kelly knows there is much more to the Stanfield story than was originally revealed. Logan is the spitting image of his "adopted" father.

Besides finding Logan both attractive and dangerous, Kelly realizes that he is also the perfect candidate to help her rescue her dead husband's young son, Rafi. Kelly needs to be married in order to adopt; she also needs an expert in South American intrigue.

Someone once went to considerable lengths to get rid of Logan; chances are they'll try again. This time, they're not dealing with a helpless child. Logan and Kelly strike a deal to help each other by entering into a sham marriage.

For those who like their passion and intrigue to sizzle, look no further than Meryl Sawyer's novel. This book showcases Ms. Sawyer's special voice, talent and ability to give readers exactly what they want in romantic suspense. (May, 428 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith