Fate Doherty feels like cursing her own name, since it seems as if all of the elements are against her. She works as marketing director at Detroit's second largest dating service, and the entire office is up in arms. What's worse is that her college nemesis is waiting for her in her office. Fate and Gabe Ryan were old flames, but now it seems that love and hate are on a very thin tightrope. Nonetheless, this doesn't explain why he is in her office.

What Fate quickly learns is that her company has been bought out and some key people have been let go. Currently, the new venture has two marketing directors, Fate and Gabe, when it only needs one. The new boss comes up with a plan for them to try to create a new marketing package. If they succeed, he may just keep them both on.

What makes this book work is Taylor's snappy dialogue, quick wit and spicy sensuality. For fans of the TV series Moonlighting, just imagine the competition David and Maddie kept up for most of the show and you will see why this story works so well. If you want a fun and sexy read, pick up this book. (January 2006, dl $5.95)

Reviewed by: 
Leigh Rowling