Faced by a tiny female with a pistol pointed at him, Lord Arcenbryght Malloren finds the situation amusing. Portia St. Clair finds this tall intruder dangerous and frightening. Malloren has reason to despise the name St. Clair, but this courageous girl intrigues him, and thus starts the game of seduction.

But Portia wants nothing to do with rakish gamester, for it is her half-brothers gambling and the threat of losing their home that is the cause of her predicament. To save her brother from being sliced to ribbons, Portia agrees to give up her chastity. Disguised, it is Bryght who is the highest bidder. Though his seduction does not come full circle can he carry out a false consummation in order protect her from prying eyes?

Yet what is he to do with this woman who releases emotions in him that he did not know he possessed?

A spin-off of My Lady Notorious, TEMPTING FORTUNE reintroduces familiar characters, including the devilishly dangerous Marquis of Rothgar. Ms. Beverly brings the reader an engrossing account of Georgian England and the bawdiness, decadence and the pitfalls of gambling, whether for money, lives or visionary ideas. A definite keeper! SENSUAL (Mar., 428 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond