Robbie MacBain has grown into a sexy and wonderful man in Chapman's newest installment of tales of the time-traveling Scotsmen. Chapman breathes such life and warmth into her characters, each story is impossible to put down.

It's been thirty five years since the wizard Daar cast a spell that transported medieval warriors from the MacKeage and MacBain clans into modern-day Maine. Robbie MacBain was born in the modern age, but his special gifts made him guardian of both clans. Despite being single, Robbie has become a foster parent to four troubled teenage boys.

After learning about her abusive ex-husband's release from prison, Catherine Daniels takes her two children and flees. When Robbie catches her swiping some of his eggs, he makes her a deal: Take over his rambunctious household and he'll offer her protection.

Soon Robbie has a much bigger problem. According to Daar, unless Robbie goes back in time and snatches a special book of spells, all of the original time travelers will unwittingly be returned to the past. It will take the assistance of both a guardian snow owl and a special modern woman for Robbie to succeed. (Pocket Star, Sept., 355 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith