A queen of Western love and laughter, Sharon Ihle brings that special spark and her unique brand of sensuality to another delightful, heart-tugging and funny bone-tickling romance.

Running away from an abusive marriage, Priscilla Stillbottom finds herself in rowdy Central City, Colorado, in need of a job. She applies as a singer in Payton Cobb's saloon, which would be all well and good if Priscilla could sing.

Against his better judgment, self-proclaimed bachelor Payton hires Priscilla to sing a nursery rhyme with a dog dressed as a goat. Priscilla's innocence and sweet charm is just what the lonely miners crave and her outrageous act becomes a hit.

Though he might deny it, Payton is attracted to Miss Prissy and does his best to protect her from the wild elements in town while trying to tempt her into his arms.

Prissy has her own way of getting into trouble when she goes looking for an old friend in the wrong part of town.

Meanwhile, Priscilla's husband has sent his son to find Priscilla and when J.T. arrives in town, he finds himself in a bit of trouble that only escalates when Payton proposes, Priscilla accepts and her husband arrives.

Incorporating the colorful history of one of Colorado's most famous and uproarious mining camps into a sassy, humorous and sparkling tale, Ms. Ihle makes TEMPTING MISS PRISSY a sheer pleasure to read. SENSUAL (Nov., 380 pp. $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin