Morality "Miracle Girl" Brown cannot abide a liar. When silver- tongued Zackery Burkett waltzes into her life she is determined to have nothing to do with him, despite the overwhelming attraction she feels for him.

She lives with her uncle, a man who performs miracles and bestowed upon her the gift of sight. Now she gives testimony at his revivals as they travel from town to town.

Zack, the "Burkett bastard," has returned to Cottonwood, Texas with revenge alone on his mind. He will see his father's empire destroyed, and ruin the town that chased Zack and his mother away.

Zack is a first rate con man, a smooth talking devil who acquired his fortune through one swindle after another. He had not planned on the sweet Morality ensnaring him heart and soul, changing his plans and his life.

As they embark on a life together they must confront the secrets of their pasts and the devious plots of those who will stop at nothing to achieve fame and fortune.

TEMPTING MORALITY is a heartwarming tale of redemption and faith in the power of love to heal all wounds. Morality and Zack's love reaches out through the pages to restore our beliefs in life and the wonders it entails. SENSUAL (June, 368 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Lizabelle Cox