Image of Tempting the Prince


Image of Tempting the Prince

While there is certainly suspense in
this installment of Grasso's Kazanov series, this is a lighthearted romance. The author has a blithe, delicate touch in setting scenes and describing characters, letting the reader's imagination
fill in the details. This is great fun, especially since the author's deft choices
of words and phrase pop whole scenes into focus. Don't be surprised if you find yourself hunting for the other books in this series.

A mysterious killer is slashing the throats of prostitutes, taking a hank of their hair and leaving a sovereign in each victim's hand. Constable Black and his assistant, the noble-born Alexander Blake, in investigate this crime wave.

Blake rejects help from the seven sisters, a group of illegitimate daughters of a duke. Each of the sisters has a talent -- and a story. Belle is a healer of plants and has a little business helping estate gardeners. She was slashed across the face, scarring her beauty and making her withdraw from society. But Prince Mikhail Kazanov sees her in the garden and decides she would make the perfect wife and mother for his beloved daughter, because she's kind and gentle. He sets out to woo her by trickery, since she won't go out in public.

Meanwhile, the slasher is still at work, and the constable is looking for any help he can find. Is Belle's attacker the slasher? Will Belle forgive the prince for lying to her in order to win her hand in marriage? Can they stop the slasher? (Zebra, May, 307 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Bunny Callahan