Fans of über-talented Low will be thrilled to have a new COS Command novel from her — and to learn it is Grace O’Connor’s story. First introduced as the secret teenage daughter of legendary assassin Jed McNeil, Grace is now a young woman with serious skills. As with all Low novels, the story is intricately plotted and filled with fascinating technology, not to mention breathtaking suspense and fiery passion.

Because of her unusual background, intern Grace O’Connor quickly suspects there is more to Global Data Consortium than meets the eye. Intrigued, she asks for a level-two assignment as a recorder to watch events at a contentious rally. COS undercover operative Lance Mercy has been brought in to hunt a mole who is undermining an important information exchange. During the rally, Grace inadvertently collides with a “nun” who turns out to be a man who is quickly carted away. Now Lance is on Grace’s trail, trying to figure out her involvement only to find himself fascinated by this unusual young woman. (GENNITA-LOW.com, dl $4.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith