O'Banyon loves the ladies and the ladies love him, though few know that centuries ago he fell under the curse of a powerful sorceress and is often more wolf than man.

Antoinette Desbonnet, the alluring countess who O'Banyon thinks of as "the woman in white," should fear the man known as "The Irish Hound." Not only does he arouse longings best left hidden, but he might uncover her darkest secrets.

There is something about the countess that speaks directly to O'Banyon. He has never desired a woman in the way he wants her and he will do anything so she will surrender to him. But O'Banyon has no idea of the power unleashed on Antoinette and himself. Their love could mean salvation or damnation.

The second novel about the accursed warriors brings a marvelous hero and unique heroine to life in a story as bold, sensual, exciting and original as readers have come to expect from the multitalented Greiman. By including characters from Taming the Barbarian, she adds an extra dimension and an attraction to a story with magical twists and turns to delight and enchant her readers and have them savoring every word. SENSUAL (Aug., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin