An impulsive stop at a deli is all it takes to get intrepid bounty hunter Stephanie Plum in very hot water. Stephanie and her sort-of partner Lula are stopping in for a snack when they interrupt a robbery. In the resulting melee, Stephanie's car is torched and she gets a look at the robber's unmasked face. This is not good—the "devil's head" robber is part of a vicious gang called the Slayers.

Stephanie and her currently on-again boyfriend Det. Joe Morelli are co-habitating. This arrangement is both by choice and because Stephanie's sister and her fiancé are living in Stephanie's apartment. Stephanie and Joe's relationship is still on rocky ground over her chosen career—which makes stubborn Stephanie all the more determined to get her wanted men and/or women. But things take a very nasty turn when Stephanie learns that the Slayers have imported a hit man to take her out.

There's big trouble in "little" Trenton, in this latest howler from the amazing Evanovich. The situations are outlandish and the people nutcases, but man, are these books hysterical. You'll bust a gut laughing. (Jun., 320 pp., $25.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith